Cdr Burner - Panther 10.3.8


My Plextor 820T scsi II CDR worked great in Jaguar, but when I upgraded to Panther, it stopped working. Its drawer opens upon start up and when closed, immediately opens again. My G4 733 "sees" the CDR when I select "more info" under "about this computer", but it simply does not work. It is connected to a ATTO UL3D SCSI card. I have checked and/or updated ATTO drivers and Plextor Tech support will only tell me that they don't support this drive anymore. The burner shows firmware 1.06. I found a Russian site that looked like it had a firmware 1.08, but it appears to be a PC file that I can't open. I am not sure it would work with macs anyway.

I burn audio CDR for comercial replication and like to burn at 1X or 2X, which is why I want to continue using this drive. Many of the new drives will not burn slower than 4X.