CD's not showing up in Finder


I got a Cube running OS X 10.0.4. Sometimes when I do insert a CD, it doesn't show up in the Finder. And I can only eject the CD using Toast. I need to reboot this fix this problem.

Anyone is aware of this issue and know how to solve it...

thats funny, that just happened on my beige G3.

most recent version of 10.0.x. Now I just put the cd into my firewire burner (LaCie - how to you actually say that, LaCie?), and the cd showed up.

I'm guessing that my internal ide cdrom will start working in a few mins. No idea why it stoped, I'm going to check the console and see if anything showed up. What kind of interface does the cube's cdrom use, anyway?
It happens intermittently (is that correct English...;). So, it's not dependent on the type of CD. Even with audio CD's which are recognized normally, sometimes they don't show up in the Finder, nor in iTunes.

I can't wait for 10.1 to be honest. This OS is marvellous, but it's just not stable enough. Coming from a pc background, I thought I had left all the unstable Windows rubbish behind me...

You gota admit, though, the overall stability of Mac OS X is *way* above any windows version.

I think my beige G3/266 had only like 2 complete system failures, and only a few minor probs.

(Of course, today I got my new G4/733mhz with 640megs of ram... yum! Can't wait to install everything agian.. hehe)
I partially agree: I had serious problems playing Flash movies using IE 5.1 Preview on Mac OSX. Sometimes the complete system froze and there was no other way then to reset the computer. Now that's what I would mention Windows stability, not Unix-like stability. In a modern operating system, one application should never be responsible for stalling the complete system. I guess it had something to do with the MS IE preview (so, back to MS again) but it surprised me...