Cell Phone Contacts


i have a powerbook g4 and used i sync with my sony erricson p800 cell phone but all my contacts were accidentally erased in the phone. i was able to retrieve a folder test.beforesave but when i open it the text is garbled although a ray of hope is i can see some of my contacts names and when i scroll down further their cell phone numbers. it is just difficult since they are not next to each other ie: john 09176542345.
i would appreciate any help you can give regarding using the right format to open this file. thanks!
um. shouldnt they still be in your address book (on the mac)??
if not, try doing a "revert to backup" from isync..
i tried revert to back up but to no avail. my only hope is the file test.beforesave which i can't open in the correct format. i opened with WORD and can see some contacts but not matched with the appropriate phone number! thanks.....