CGI Error in original Mac OSX


I recently rebuilt my Mac OS X Server (1.0 I think it is) after hard drive failure. It serves a password protected website which posts photos for clients to download. The thumbnails and captions for photos are displayed through a program called Cumulus 4 which sets up a keyword search. I've gotten the server set up close to what it was before the HD problems but the search is not working. Any attempt to do a search returns the error...."CGI Error 10: Cannot connect to Server.

In the past I've seen the error and never knew what it was. I was able to get rid of it by rebooting although now and then it came back. Now, it is not going away and the search simply does not work. In researching the meaning of CGI Error 10 I have come up empty.

Does anyone know what the error means and how to fix it? I would appreciate any help. Thanks.