Change Account's Associated Apple Id

John Varela

In the aftermath of installing Yosemite on my wife's Macbook Pro, in order to set up iCloud I needed to enter an Apple ID. The system presented a pane with MY Apple ID and wanted MY password.[1] It would not let me change the Apple ID to my wife's.

I have no idea how my Apple ID became associated with my wife's account on her computer. She has an Apple ID (actually, she has two) and I would like to change the associated ID and password from mine to one of hers. I can't find a way to do that.

Does anybody know if this can be done, and if so, how?

[1] And why does Apple make it impossible to use 1Password to fill in an Apple ID? Do they think I use the ID often enough to have the password memorized? Maybe it should be on a Post-It stuck to the monitor.
Don’t laugh, I have post-its on my monitor and more in a folder at the side of my Mac.

Apple ID is stored for the App store and iTunes. Check Keychain Access (in Utilities folder). You should be able to delete the associated file for both programs. Then start up one, and give it a try in entering your wife’s account.
Also check the iCloud panel in System Preferences. Make sure it is your wife’s account.
Thank you for the response. The Apple ID's are stored in 1Password. Removing them from 1Password won't affect what the what the system thinks is the one and only Apple ID for that computer. (Except for the iTunes store, which wants one of her ID's.)

I don't see anything that's clearly associated with the Apple ID's. There are six entries in the log-ins keychain for and six more for In each case, two are for certificates with expirations in 2027 and 2032, two are public keys, and two are private keys. I have no idea how those are used. Since there are two of everything they might be associated with the two Apple ID's. What happens if I delete them?