Change behavior of Cmd-Tab


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Under the release version of Mac OS X, pressing Command-Tab cycles you <strong>sequentially</strong> through the open <strong>applications</strong> in the Dock - an almost worthless feature.

Does anyone know if there's a way to change the Cmd-Tab behavior to cycle through the <strong>most recently active windows</strong>? Or did Microsoft patent that idea?

Well, I dunno about changing to the most recently active application, but if you hold shift whilst cmd-tabbing, you can cycle backward through your applications.
Thanks. That's a good start.

Still, I would find it much more useful if Cmd-Tab cycled back through a stack of the most recently active <em>windows</em>.

Can anyone tell me how to modify the CMD-TAB combination to ALT-TAB, so it doesn't interfere with key combinations in other programs?

Not sure but you can try opening one of the docks resource files and look for the key-combos in there.