Change File Mapping


Is there any way to change the File Mapping in OSX? Its annoying to launch Classic just because of a SimpleText document.

There must be an easy way to do this, but no one in IRC knows how.

I've not yet found a way to change the mapping, but it's driving me crazy too when some rogue software thinks it can commandeer my filetypes.

As for the SimpleText problem, there's a Carbon version included with the Developer tools. I think it's in one of the Example folders. Delete all your other versions of SimpleText and just let that one Carbon version exist on your hard drive.

Trouble w/ deleting my old SimpleText is that I've applied a great patch (called SimpleTextColor or something to that effect). This patch gives find/replace and supports color for SimpleText.

I still use this application when I'm in OS9.

However, I'd like to have OSX default to this new SimpleText (I'll install it from the developer CD). How do I do this?

Dunno about that. Hopefully someone knows about this mapping thing.

What I've done in a similar situation is Stuff the old program so OS X won't use it and unstuff it in OS 9. If you try that once or twice, OS X may just forget about the old one and go to it while you could have an alias to the now-unstuffed version for your OS 9 work.


I cannot remember off the bat since I havent been on OS X's control panels for a few days, but is there something like the PC exchnge control panel where you assign PeeCee extensions to apps ? IF so you can add a .txt extension to your simple text document and have it open in OS's editor, provided that you have told the exchange contol panel that you want to open it up with that app.
I cannot remember off the bat since I havent been on OS X's control panels for a few days, but is there something like the PC exchnge control panel where you assign PeeCee extensions to apps?

That would be lovely but I've seen nothing like it.

I've only read one acknowledgement of this problem, and it was from the good guys at BBedit -- their 6.1.2 upgrade now has ~5 paragraphs about getting bbedit to open files (you can "map the file name") under Mac OS X. About actually changing file-types (which manifests in icon display, as well as clickability), they point the finger at APPLE:

Due to a bug in the Mac OS X Finder (as of Mac OS X 10.0.1), Mac OS X gets confused and will display the wrong icon for the BBEdit application or documents, launch the wrong BBEdit application when double-clicking on a document, or refuse to accept drags on to the application's icon in the dock. These symptoms will manifest if there is a copy of any pre-6.1 version of BBEdit on any mounted volume. We anticipate that this will be corrected in some future update to Mac OS X.

For me, these problems manifest even without a pre-6.1 vers of BBEdit.

What's more -- most of the time when I use the inspector on a file, and I try to change the application, it doesn't work. I can change the App for "this" file, but cannot change it for "all" files. This is a bonehead error; Apple should really fix this soon.
I have the same problem. The option to changed the application for all files of that type is greyed out. Does anyone know a fix for this? There are a number of file associations that I'd love to fix, but can't.

Gonna give associator a try.

Meanwhile, I've fixed my BBEdit problem with this simple expedient: dropstuff the BBedit OS 9 version and delete the program. If "BBedit for Mac OS X" is the only bbedit app on your Mac OS X system, you no longer make/get files with classic icons that try to open the classic version. It saved me a lot of heartache.

I realized that I would never, ever boot into 9 again, ever, if I could help it. Annoying as Mac OS X can be sometimes, I'm happier in X than I ever was in 9. So why let a 9 vers. of bbedit pollute my primo system?
I cleared all the type/creator codes for my ST documents and added a .txt to them.

Get info on say a .jpg and pull down the menu to pic the app that opens it.