change short name.!!!..How ?????


Hi to all of you,
in the
i find the short name i would like to change it, i am the sys. admin. and anyway the only user. no way to do this, i can not even set up another sys admin. and then erase the old one. any trick on this

please let me know.

greezzz from ticino/switerland

AT least for Panther, there is/was an app at Versiontracker called, I think, ChangeShortName. Have not used it, but others seem to have had good luck with it.
be aware though, that the shortname is more than just letters - it's significance is that all of that users settings are attached to that name, and that changing the shortname archives the old shortname, and creates a completly new set of preferences for the newly "created" shortname user.

as soon as you log out/log in/shut down/restart, you will be presented with a completley fresh desktop, like the one you had when you first switched on your mac. all your settings in finder, the dock, dashboard and the desktop (including expose etc) will be erased and reset.

do so with care.