Changed access to no access on a secondary hard disc!


I need to gain access again to my second internal hard drive on my G5. By mistake I changed the ownership on the disc to no access (which actually I thought I hadn't changed for obvious reasons). When I re-booted later the disc no longer showed up on my desktop.

The volume shows up in disc utilities, but other than that I can't access it. I have batchmod but I still can't view the volume to change ownership. I dunno?? can I over right the privileges for this volume some how to allow me access back to this volume?

Any help would be useful as I don't want to re-format the drive
I would check via terminal if you can see the volume there. It should be possible by entering the following commands:

cd /Volumes
ls -la

The last command should show you the rights on the left, even for invisible files. Always three digits show the rights for the owner, the group, and others. r means read, w means write and x means executable. When you use the chmod command, you can set the rights new. Enter the following:

sudo chmod 777 >insert your volume here<

777 sets read/write/execute for all users. I think that should solve it. But remember to adjust the rights later with repair permissions/batchmod!

Hope that helps