Changes in the way H.D. and other pages are displayed


Hello I'm running 10.5.8 on a motorola dually.

Seemingly out of nowhere the general appearance of the hard drive and other pages are displayed has changed. I can't find a way to get back to my normal old mac appearance.

It began w/a large black screen appearing at the top of the safari and the hard drive page with the rest of the page looking about normal. I got rid of it by clicking on the icons up in the tool bar that change how things are laid out. These are at the top of the H.D. page. But none of them make the H.D page look like it did before i.e. a triangle to the left of each folder and the contents appearing below when you open the folder. Also, it's all icons to the left of the folders in the H.D.

What's worse is it looks like windoze. If I click on a folder it's contents are displayed to the right in a separate column. The only thing I had done recently is change the display settings to a lower resolution and then back again. I was guessing at were it had been because I didn't take note of where it was. I know this should be an easy fix but I could use some help. Thanks

Hi folks, I went back to trying to fix this after posting and got taken care of. But thank you all for being here to help.

I don't know how to unclose a thread. For Cheyrl: I went back thru the icons at the top of the hard drive page and found the one to get rid of the columns layout.

Not sure how or why this thread got closed, but it's back.
As for your window view, you most likely clicked on one of the icons in the window's toolbar at the top of the window to change the view. You do have a choice of how your folders and hard drive windows look, i.e. columns, list, icons, or cover flow.