Changin from W2K/Linux to Mac OSX


I have been a long time PC/Windows user and have been using Linux for some time now. I have a dual boot on my PC between W2k and Progeny Linux.
I am trying to decide whether to move to a Mac platform, largely because of OSX.
I know most Mac users consider Macs to be superior and I don't want to start a PC vs Mac debate, but am interested in the views of web designers/developers who use OSX as to whether the move to a Mac would be a good one.
I work a lot with PHP and MySQL. I also use a lot of Macromedia products (dreamweaver/flash/fireworks). I tend to use Linux for the PHP/MySQL work and Windows when using Macromedia stuff. Booting between operating systems is a pain and from what I have been reading, I believe OSX could be the answer to this situation.
I would be grateful for any advice, views and comments, particularly from anyone who has also switched from a PC to a Mac. Thanks.
All the best,
Fergal Andrews.
I, probably like most web designers here have osx installed but at the moment use 9.1/9.2 to get any work done. That's because at the moment the applications that we need to get our work done is not yet available in OS X. But with the release of osx 10.1 in Sept. that should change as it is "alot" faster and adresses some of the complaints alot of us had about the previous/current versions of osx. Personally, I like working in osx and as soon as all the apps I need to complete my work are available, I will be using osx exclusively.

If you want to view a partial release schedule for osx apps then check out:
As a long-time graphic designer, I work on a G4-400 AGP in OSX from March 24th. I love being able to serve and test the pages I create in OSX and Apache, and in the meantime work with my Macromedia Tools in Classic. Ithink that you can solve your dual-boot problems right now with MacOSX, and the things are going to get better with the new carbonized applications in the future (ehi, Freehand 10 is great!)


Drop your tools and head to OSX.
I was the same as you..I worked on W2K (or tried to work ) and ran mysql/php on win32 also.
OSX can do all the linux stuff you need to test pages locally go to this page to get your builds..they work great -

i run all macromedia stuff in classic mode but of course you can hand code in bb edit or whatever if you like. i have been using osx for ages as my only machine and occasionly having to use classic mode.

with osx office coming and most everything else by the end of the year it will be awesome.

Change now and be done with it :))

I have just tested on of the builds of OSX 10.1 (G27) and it is what we have been waiting for. the windows are fast the interface is even clearer and crisper than before. Everything is faster and everything that annoyed about 10.0.4 is fixed that i can see. the build is still buggy but that is why it is a build ;)

Email me if you have any dramas...and good luck.

PS - Make sure you get a Ti Powerbook...bbbbeeaaauutiful!!