Changing back over to encrypted passwords


Hey everybody,

I have a question relating to the unencryption (plain text password authentication) / unencryption of SMB connections.

I was using File Buddy to create a "snapshot" (a cascading list of all the files and folders listed within a server and/or folder on a server) of a folder on a Windows server when I receive a "error -36" message. Utilizing the "Help File" of the File Buddy application, I found that the "error -36" message was a type of authentication error and I followed instructions on how to send unencrypted passwords to Windows servers (the following instructions are actually provided by Apple in the "Help" application:
Warning: If you configure your computer to allow connections to Samba
or Windows (SMB/CIFS) servers using plain text passwords, when you
attempt to make any connection to such a Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS)
server, your password will be sent "in the clear". This means that it
is possible for someone who is monitoring your connection to see your
password. This could lead to someone compromising the Samba or Windows
(SMB/CIFS) server. We strongly recommend that you configure your Samba
or Windows (SMB/CIFS) servers to exclusively use encrypted passwords.
Follow the steps below to configure your computer to use plain text
passwords to make SMB/CIFS connections when the specified Samba or
Windows (SMB/CIFS) server does not support encrypted passwords. (You
must be an administrator to do these steps.)
1. Make sure that you are not currently connected to any Samba or
Windows (SMB/CIFS) servers and that you do not have any Samba or
Windows-related error messages open.
2. Open the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/).
3. At the prompt, type: sudo pico /etc/nsmb.conf
4. Press Return.
5. Enter your password when prompted, then press Return again.
6. You should see an empty file and a "New File" notice at the bottom
of the pico window. If you do not see the "New File" notice, this file
already exists.
7. Enter the following into the file so that it appears as follows:

8. [default]
9. minauth=none

11. Save the file (press Control-O), press Return, then exit pico
12. Type: sudo chmod a+r /etc/nsmb.conf
13. Press Return.
14. Restart your computer.


My question is: How do I undo the above steps to reconfigure
the Macintosh to send encrypted passwords?

Thanks, everyone.