changing folder icons...


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okay, i went to and i did what they said to change the folder icons, however, this only changes some icons in icon view, and none of the icons in list or column views. it changed every sub folder under developers, but none of them under music or documents, etc.

anyone have this problem?

thanks in advance
=- boi.

ps // i'm fairly certain that i did change each instance of the old X folder icon in the HIToolbox.rscf (whatever) file.

Did you change all the members of the icon? (The thumbnail, huge, large, small and mini.) If you just changed the thumbnail member (the 128x128 icon) then this could be the reason. If not, I do not know what is happening here and I hope you fix it.

Have a great day!

well, i pasted the entire family into the icon set, but it seems that all of the icons i'm downloading from don't have a small instance. these are the same icons that everyone else is using, and are the icons they use on the sample page. the large, small and mini instances are blank and therefore won't copy over.
any ideas?

Oo boi o.

I would delete the mini, small and large if they didn't come with the icons. The Finder, when you go into list or column view or view small icons, should resize the huge member automatically to fit the smaller sizes.

Let me know what happens!