Changing icon of Allias Folder


I would like to change the icon of my "Desktop (MacOs9)" Folder that is on my desktop. I changed the rest so I can't leave this one on it's own :)
If I do it the normal way (Get Info , Copy , Get Info , Paste) It doesn't work...because it's an alias probably...but I can't seem to find the original folder. When I do a Get Info and look at the Location of the isn't there?
Any help would be appreaciated
Wow. Here's one I did not know before:

It appears you cannot put custom icons on a symbolic link, that is, an "alias" that was created with the command line "ln" command. Most of the aliases OS X creates (such as for the dock and the OS 9 desktop folder) are these symbolic links. This seems to mean that you can only see the icon, custom or not, of the original item.

OTOH, if you use the Finder's technique of making an alias (command-option-drag or similar), then you <em>can</em> give the alias its own custom icon.

I think the folder you're referring to lives at /Desktop.

-Rob seems that I cannot even change the "Application" Folder , etc...
OSX forces me to use the defaults?
Actually, the inability to put a custom icon on a Unix-level link makes some sense. With a Finder alias, it creates an empty file, but also puts a resource fork on it for the alias (and other) information. The ln just creates the link itself, so no resource fork. And trying to do a touch of a symlink's resource fork to try and create it merely creates a file rsrc at the link's target.