changing icons


Rusher of Din
Can someone tell me about chaging icons in OS X? For normal files, it seems to be fine. Copy and paste from the file/folder info. Some files, though, won't take them. It seems to be mostly, if not all, the files are that are packages. I'm not familiar with how the packages work.



HampCake Studios
Select the file whose icon U wanna copy
Type CMD + i
Select the icon on the top left
Type CMD + c
Select the file whose icon U wanna change
Type CMD + i
Select the icon on the top left
Type CMD + v



Rusher of Din
Yup, thanks. The problem was that for some I had to log out and then log back in to take effect. Sorry I even posted to this forum, though. It was meant for General Discussion. :-/


for folders, files, non-packaged apps, the conventional method of getinfo, copy, paste works fine.

packaged apps usually have .icns file in

the name of the file is different from app to app, but it should be pretty obvious.

you can change the icon by replacing the .icns file.

HD's icons can be changed by copy/paste but you need to show the volumes on desktop.

and in rare occasions, the file/folder is owned by the system. If you want to change the icon, you can temporarliry change the ownership with chown in terminal, or (if you're bored enough) logout and come back in as root (I haven't done this myself, but I don't see why it shouldn't work).