Changing imapd logging?


I'm running the latest uw-imapd on OS X 10.0.4

I followed the <A HREF="">article on stepwise</A> to get imapd running, and I've re-routed imapd's logging to LOG_LOCAL2 so that I can send it somewhere besides /var/log/system.log

I've get that working, but the problem is that imapd logs are now going to both my imap.log and the original /var/log/system.log

imapd creates a ton of log files and I really don't want them going there.

I've tracked the problem down to the following default line in /etc/syslog.conf:

*.notice;*.info;authpriv,remoteauth,ftp.none;kern.debug;mail.crit /var/log/system.log

The problem is the *.notice and/or the *.info (this was verified by Mark Crispin, author of imapd)

Can anyone suggest a way to solve this problem? Tampering with the default line scares me. Is there a way to exclude imapd logs from being routed with this default line?