Changing MAC address of AirPort Express


Hi everybody,

There is no option to change the MAC address of my AirPort Express, using the shipped software. I need to make my AirPort Express have the same MAC address as my Ethernet so I can plug into a network. Any ideas?

Cheers, Daniel.
The MAC address is a unique hardware-burned address. It is not changeable.
What is it you want to do?

I've heard that on many routers it is possible to trick the newtork that you MAC address is different to that of what it actually is. Unfortunately, I've not managed to 'Google' anything about the AirPort Express.

I want to connect to a campus network wirelessly, that is, plug the airport express into the wall ethernet socket in my room. However, the network lock on to the MAC address of a computer to allow access. The computing department seem to think that there network will sping a leak if do this so they basically said no! Which I don't like :mad:

So I'm trying to beat the system....