changing os9


Computer: b/w G3 with 4 internal hd
hd1 is os9 with the classic files for osx
hd2 is osx
hs3 is another os9

I wanted to start up with hd3 and selected in the control panels from os9 the startup disk hd3. After reboot it would not run os9 from hd3.

I found out that if your hd is not listed in the startup disk program from osx in the os9 folder from hd2 your computer cannot start up from that drive.
It can be resolved by adding the few extra files in the other system folder:classic support etc.
This system will now appear in the startupdrive program of osx/os9 startupdisk program(not the osx startupdiskprogram)

Why would the startupdisk control panel be overruled by the startupdisk program from osx/os9??