Changing Permissions on Drives


Hello all,

I have a 2nd internal drive that I want to access in X. I have already enabled the root account. The only way I can get to this drive is by turning on all privileges for everyone - which is done by checking the little box in the bottom left hand corner of the Get Info Window for the Drive.

What I would like to do is just have members of the admin group be able to read and write to this drive. Everyone else should not be able to read or write to it.

Can this be done in Netinfo Manager? Does anyone know of specific documentation of this issue that I can get from Apple or other places?

Basically the drive is under the following settings?

Owner: system
Group: unknown

Does anyone know how I might switch this to a group that only admins can access?

Any suggestions are appreciated.
I had the same problem with another internal drive, where all my files are stored. I wanted to set the permission to protect it, but it was owned by the system (root), and had an unknown group.

What you can do, is to go into super user mode in the commandline, and use chown (see; man chown). You can then set owner and group with;
chown -R <owner> <directory>
chown -R :<group> <directory>

-R for all the subdirectories.

I sat the root as owner, and admin as group, when I'm admin.

After you have reloggedin you can see the changes with "show info", and modefy the privileges.

Hope that will solve you're problem.