Changing textcolor.


The text under the icons on my desktop, in the finder, is black. Which makes it really hard to place a backgroundimage that is black on the desktop because i cant see the text.
I would like the change it to white.
Anyone know how to go about doing this? Or where to start.

Yea, thats the wierd thing... Been talking to some of my online friends. They have white text too.
I, on the other hand, got black text without any backdrop. On my desktop that is. White text with black backdrop from the dock. These two are seperate applications so it dont surprise me.
It is obvious to me that something has "happened" with the

I guess you dont know if there are way to change color?
Yea, the text is white! ; )

That "defaults write....desktopHasDarkBackground" didnt work. But i changed a string in the
that was called FinderHasDarkBackground and that did the trick.
Thank´s for your time.
/Sebastian Turstam
thats what the default command messes with. I take it you didnt logout and log back in after running it?

at least you got it fixed =)