changing the ftpd port


Hi all, I want to change the port ftpd uses. :) Currently my Mac is behind a Linksys firewall/router. Ports 21, 22, and 80 are open. I want to put the ftpd on some non-standard port just to add a little to security.

As a test, I went into /etc/services and changed ftp's line to look like this:

ftp 2121/tcp

Then I did a kill -HUP <inetd pid>. From the outside I could still connect through port 21. So then I just killed inetd and manually restarted it. Same problem. I still connected at port 21. Is there something special I need to do? Any special configuration file I need to edit?

In inetd.conf there should be a line that calls ftpd, if you add a -p [portnumber] to the end and restart, it should work.

There might be an ftpd config file somewhere that has an option to set the port? You may also be able to change it via netinfo manager? I don't know.

I searched for anything with ftpd in it.. No conf file. I doubt netinfo manages port information. This is all handled at a lower level.

Kinda weird that I'd have to specify the port on the command line in inetd but who knows.