Changing the Window Manager on X windows

Does any one know how to make x windows start up with a different window manager? I realy hate twm. I downloaded and installed Afterstep, and the new Xfree86 comes with Gnome (i think), but I can't get them to run!

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I am using Xvnc, so I can tell you what I did. If you are unsing XFree, the process is likely similar

In ~/.vnc/xstartup I just changed the line
twm &
afterstep &

looking through the default startx script on my computer (Can't quite recall how it got there, maybe when I installed Xvnc...), it seems that it looks for a ~/.xinitrc, and runs one if it finds it. Otherwise, it runs the script at /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xinit/xinitrc. I suspect that you could just make a copy of the global script in your home directory, and swap out twm for your own favourite wm.
I did this, but now no window manager loads up.... I don't think I installed Afterstep correctly (I did give a few errors while i did the "make install" command). where did you get your window manager? Were the pre compiled?

I am trying to install AfterStep as well. I am having a hell of time just getting it compiled; problems with supporting libraries. Is there a Darwin compatible binary to download (with supporting libraries :) )? If I get it installed and figured out - I\'ll post the steps. Any help is appreciated.

Ok, i downloaded AfterStep and WindowManager from how exactly do I install these? They look like source....
Sorry, my mistake! The version on stepwise doesn\'t compile successfully for some reason. It says it is ready for Darwin, but maybe things are different in OS X...

Check this page:

Download the 9MB file they say works. It\'s already compiled, so you you can just:

<tt>gnutar zxf afterstep-darwin.tar.gz
cd AfterStep-1.8.0/
make install</tt>

Thank you for the link to an AfterStep package that works!

I followed your instructions then created the .xinitrc file in~/ with the path specification to the AfterStep file.

After logging in as >console I typed startx. A pixelated screen appeared with an X cursor. I could click to create an AfterStep menu that did pretty much nothing except allow me to make things more pixelated!

What else is there?
Jove, I\'m afraid that\'s all I know. As I said, I\'m using Xvnc, and it works for me.

As far as XFree goes, I\'m just guessing...
I just logged out, got a console, and typed startx. It worked just fine for me.

My .xinitrc is a copy of the global one, but with afterstep instead of twm. This is the only customization I have made. At first there was just a grey screen with an X cursor. Then, after about ten seconds or so, afterstep started, and everything seemed to be working alright. I didn\'t spend much time in X, but at least it got that far.

I really don\'t know what the problem might be in your case, I\'m sorry.
XFree86 is the X-windows system. It lets you run X-windows applications. Xvnc is an app that lets you use a vnc viewer to work with the XFree86 that you have already installed. This is really slow however, because it has to use VNC and TCP/IP instead of just looking at your X-Windows. I'm using XonX which works really well, It lets you swich between the Aqua GUI and your X-Windows with a key combination instead of logging out of Aqua and logging into the console. It can be downloaded at