Changing to bash


Is it possible to switch tcsh to bash in my passwd file? I like bash better, but I don't know if that'll mess with the os at all.
Changing the shell name in passwd is not the way to get the shells switch. Rather go to Preferences... in Terminal menu and select shell and then change it to whatever else you have installed.

However, you'll notice you don't have bash installed. To install it you have to download it and compile it from, it's in pub/gnu directory...

I did all this, so I am sure it works.
Hey -

What version did you download? I downloaded 2.04, ran ./configure (having to supply my own config, which I called ppc-netbsd) and it created a set of makefiles just fine, compiles, but gives me link errors. Was this a simple compile for you, or did you have to fiddle with the source?

Do you have to have the dev tools to install bash?
I want to install it too, but i'm still rooting around for information on how to do this.
I also downloaded bash 2.0.4 but is there a more recent?