Charging Issue with my Mid 2015, 15 inch Macbook Pro


Hi, hopefully I'm doing this forum thing right... (I'm new).

I have had a major problem with my Mid 2015 15-inch Macbook Pro. For over a month now, it won't charge AT ALL past 37%. It always stops at that number. On top of that, even while connected, the battery goes down, or at least that's what my Macbook is telling me. The light on the connector is working fine though. The green light appears when I initially connect it and then it switches and stays at the color orange. My Macbook also says that the battery condition is "Normal" and that it has a cycle count of 174. This problem just started out of nowhere, and I feel like as more time passes things are getting worse, which concerns me.

I have tried various methods, if not most of them, to help fix this issue. I've cleaned and checked the cables and ports, checked for malware/virus, done the PRAM & SMC reset, etc. I even went to the apple genius bar to get help, but unfortunately the dude told me that it's most likely a logicboard problem and that I would need to replace it if I wanted it fixed. (The replacement is $700) So far, to keep this Macbook alive still, I'm just continuing to use the PRAM & SMC reset constantly so the battery won't die out. If it does die out, I'm afraid that it won't turn back on.

I've tried searching and searching on google and youtube for any kind of new method I could try so I could avoid the logic board replacement, but I think I'm hitting a dead end. So, if there's any possible help that I can get here through these forums, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

- My Macbook is a Refurbished one that I got through Ebay last year. There were no problems with this Macbook at all, and I have taken good care of it. Like I said before, this whole problem started last month and was so unexpected to me.

- I have Coconutbattery to check the battery occasionally, and one thing I have noticed in the past few weeks is that the Full Charge Capacity is different than the number that shows on the Macbook Battery Status. For example, the Mac battery status displays 37% while Coconutbattery would display 35.6%. I'm not sure if this is a problem or not. All I know is that apparently Coconutbattery has a good reputation. (Also, the Apple dude told me that the battery inside the Macbook is completely healthy and normal.)
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37% - 35.6 is totally insignificant.
If you want to save this MBP, I am confidant you just need a new battery.
Apple can do this or you can too if you are a bit handy. Go to OWC at for battery and full instructions.