Chat rooms, anybody?


mach-o mach-o man
Wouldn't a few chat rooms really spice this up? We practically have them allready due to how we are allways monitoring the boards, but a live chat room would rock.

Maybe a room for general osx, administration, porting/programming, and a misc room.

I don't know, but I know people would use them.

Any coments?
I vote that we have a "hello everybody, may I cus?" room lol :p
We all know who the frequent users will be lol :p

kilowatt, why don't you start up a room on you can also use and There is #macdev for developers, they have a lot of visitors, but it would be nice to have a gereral osx discussion room.

There is already a #macosx chat room on undernet with at least 10 users. nice helpfull ppl there. Which remainds me. if someone who doesn't know how and like to 'get ident' go to #ircle and ask for a nice script named "enable ident" easy to use so OSX will always Get Ident:)