Cheap, simple WiFi broadcaster


I have an old Apple Time Capsule. The internal disk went toes-up a long time ago and, since then, its only function has been to broadcast a WiFi network. It’s only a matter of time (short) before that expires. I have an even older Airport Extreme which the current Airport Utility refuses to talk to.

For historical reasons, I need to keep that network running. For historical, read family dynamics.

What’s a cheap and simple alternative to a router to replace this thing?
When I needed one, found a dirt cheap one online but when I filled in my tampa zip code, turned out that they don't ship to my place. Really a strange thing. Why not to ship the thing wherever a customer needs if you charge the cost of shipping?

It all depends on where it is shipped from. Check out where it is coming from. It may not be a US based location.