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The last few hours of the weekend before the busy week starts can be super boring if you lack several online games. That’s right! Nothing will ever beat an online game to play for free in terms of entertainment. Here are 7 of our the most popular games, you can play on the browser without concern about wasting time and download.

1. Battle Royale Classic

This is a classic 2D platform action game considered as one of the best free shooting games - lock and load for some online gunfire. It needs 3 players to start a head to head battle. It may seem classic but this kind of game is getting a lot of love recently. You will start the game without any weapons. Find your way on the map and get your weapons to follow along with the route. Find your weapons quickly before facing up your enemies. Gain more experiences to get the abilities to scan your enemies that are nearby. The last man standing will become the strongest warrior and be crowned victorious. You will meet some adorable characters like minions on your intense battle.

2. Vampyre: World at Stake

Fight the vampire king

Jump into this fantasy world and battle with a bunch of vampires. In this vampire world, you are the last hope. You have to complete your mission as the last hope of the human race. You need to fight back all the bloodthirsty vampires to avoid them dominating our world. Gather your powers and prepare to fight till the last vampire. To get rid all of all the evil vampires you’ll have to fight the vampire king. This is your choice to be the hero or just a slave for those deadly vampires. Game on and clear all them out for our peaceful world.

3. Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Start your adventures and create your house and shelter

As its name suggests, this one game is a new upgraded version from the Orion Sandbox. There are numerous new features in this enhanced version. This game is inspired by the Minecraft game. You will go on a journey of collecting materials and building up houses and shelters. You also can create your own character look in this free online games to play now. Start collect your first material and build your first base, will you survive till the final stage. Give this game a try.


At first glance, people will get confused, because it looks a bit square with many robots, but under the surface, it is unique and interesting. Most people love it after just a couple of times playing. is a real-time 3D MMO, and although very simple, it can hold your attention for hours on end!.

Press the W, A, S, D keys to move around and the 1, 2, 3, 4 keys to choose methods to defeat your opponents. There are four classes to choose from, with each format, you will have to use different tactics. It’s highly recommended that you should keep your characters permanent by saving the code. Players can choose one of 2 factions, although this is often not important since neither of them gives a bonus.
Passing through the first levels is easy, but from levels 20 onwards, you will have to think again. Try more difficult games here:

5. Landor Quest 2

Use your cards wisely to take down the enemies

Take your seat on the drive to an adventurous journey in the Landor Quest 2. Your trip in this Landor Quest 2 will go through many twist and turns. You get to battle with monsters and upgrade your skills after finishing each level. The theme of this game is quite mysterious - you will meet many magical characters. You may face a dark wizard or a sneaky beast. To get rid of them on your way you need to use magical cards. This is a fun action game and you will never regret giving it a try. Let’s play and have some fun.

6. Mud fire

The first impressions of this game can be described as “weird”. That’s right. After a few times playing game, you will quickly enjoy the fun of excellent racing, where you must drive a heavy vehicle. Everyone can earn money, add more equipment and buy new cars after winning each race. And then, you can make superior combinations between engines and additional stuff, which can boost your battle ability to new levels. The audio of Mud fire also successfully recreates a lively sound of engines and the drama in each round.

Many trails and off-road vehicles are found in a quality 3D race for you to take advantage of to fight the monster cars, which are already roaring and waiting for you.
This game is easy to control by using simple keyboard such as arrow keys for movement, space for brake and if you want to reset, just press the R key.
Try it – Within a short time, you might even want to challenge yourself or your friends over the world. Don’t blame us if you soon get addicted!

7. Desktop Tower Defense

Protect the tower with fun

You’re sitting at your desk, enjoying your cup of tea and suddenly you feel tired. What do you do at that time to fill your free time? We suggest that you should try Desktop Tower Defense, which will bring you fun and happiness to relax and refresh your life. As the name implies, the game's content is about the battle to protect the tower. The main task of players is to prevent waves from destroying your tower. Moreover, gamers have to trade off life to get mystery bonuses. If your budget is enough, you will have a chance to upgrade some types of gun tower. Then, using all strategic skills, repel the creeps enabling a certain victory.

There’s a great abundance of online games at Manti Games, including multiplayer games. Just find the games you two are interested in and delve into them. They will give you guys moments of bliss. The games are beautifully categorized. You can play them online for free with no download, which amplifies the fun! Don’t forget to check our top amazing shooting games of 2019 - Awesome free online games that you can see more on our Facebook.

If long-distance couples are finding a new way to spend time together even though you’re miles away, check out some of these online game sites. If you know any other sites for couples in long-distance relationships, feel free to let us know in the comment below. They may help someone else!
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