chess in os x!!


John Galt Member
So, i was playing the computer in the os x chess game that comes installed. now, i want to play just simple, 2 human player mode, but i am unable to find the option. this would seem to be the stupidest option to leave out of the chess game, for it's really simple (no ai intervention). am i overlooking something really simple, or what's the deal here, people?

bolindilly :(
Looks like there is no human vs. human. I could not believe it so i went and checked...

the program is an apple front end to the open source gnu chess, so I don't know if it is the apple piece or the original program that is missing the functionality.
And the most useless feature: Computer VS Computer is available...but it doesn't work. What gives?

The only reason I tried this was because I have never even come close to beating the computer..I wanted to see it fight itself [and watch my CPU meter max out].
Oh i Know what you guys are feeling! I was stuck without the Internet for about 2 weeks without anything except Chess. So i was stuck there playing Chess day after day in my spare time. I thought it was real dumb when i wanted to play my brother in it and I couldn't. However there is this thing called "Chessic" where you can play Chess online, and best of all it's for Mac OS X. I tried it out its pretty tremendous. Well have a good day