ChimChim, competition for Chimera!


mach-o mach-o man
Ok Ed, I'm not going to argue with you over netscape anymore - I don't use netscape, and I don't like AOL either. (although I do use mozilla).

Here's why I would justify using mozilla (I'll mention chimera and other spin off's later) even though its where netscape gets its code from:
I refuse to choose my applications based on what some big corporation decides to pick up.

Seriously. Ed, you have allowed, imo, AOL to decide what web browser you use. I know it sounds far fetched, but consider this:
AOL doesn't use mozilla in the aol they sell to people. That comes with bundled Internet Exploder-based aol browser.

I mean, what if aol decides to base it off Cyberdog (apple's web browser from back in the day). Would you ban apple from your presence simply because AOL decided to use a part of an apple product?

I too remember when you said that you would be willing to try a browser based off mozilla if it would not help AOL/Netscape in any way. Infact, just yesterday I read over that entire post. :) What can I say - I've been sick and tied up at home lately :)

Yes, chimera is open source. But netscape is committed to providing a web browser that is nearly identical between platforms, and they would never use chimera as a model for that.

you see, the cocoa programing being put into chimera cannot exist on any other platform. True, the mozilla html rendering agent is the same as the mozilla html rendering engine in all mozilla browsers. But chimera isn't developing that. And using it doesn't help aol any.

So I envite you, Ed, to try out Chimera. Trust me man, its ok. Netscape doesn't really give to $hits about chimera. Try it and consider it an alternative to the mozilla that AOL feeds off of (although I don't see it that way - you do, and I'm trying to see it from your POV - really, I am).

Check it out - you've posted browser benchmarks before with IE and Netscape. Chimera is NOT AT ALL as evil as IE. And its really not developed anything like Netscape.

Remove IE and Netscape from your system, and try this out - its really quite a nice browser, and its not M$ or AOL.