Chimera bookmarks into Safari


anyone know of a good apple script to move chimera bookmarks into Safari?


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I want them to sync.

And the only way i found (no import bookmarks etc) was to export bookmarks as bookmarks.html and upload that to a site, and add that url as a bookmark in safari.


I got them by export to HTML,
Import to IE,
TRASH ALL Safari prefs (folder) and .plist
then restart Safari and look in Import IE Booksmarks.


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You can also open Chimera's bookmarks drawer, and Safari's bookmarks screen and drag them over -- but only 1 at a time :(


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it's not in the first page anymore. so for lazy surfers :

1. Export your bookmarks from Chimera. It outputs an HTML file, which is fine. For OmniWeb, no export is necessery since the bookmarks are already stored as an HTML file.
2. Launch Explorer, select "Organise Favorites" in the Favorites menu, then select "Import Favorites..." in the File menu.
3. Select your HTML bookmark file (OmniWeb bookmarks are stored in Library -> Application Support -> OmniWeb -> Bookmarks.html).
4. All bookmarks have been added to Explorer's favorites in a new folder.

If Safari has already been launched on your machine, it won't import your favorites again. If so, then:

1. Quit Safari.
2. Open the Preferences file for Safari in a text editor (it is located at Library -> Preferences ->
3. Find the key labeled "IEFavoritesWereImported" and change the value from TRUE to FALSE.
4. Relaunch Safari.

Your bookmarks have been transfered in the "Imported IE Favorites" collection of Safari's bookmark library!
i simply saved my bookmarks from chimera as Favorites.html and dragged that in finder to IE bookmarks place (substituted that), then modified the plist (imported = false) and relaunched. :)