Chit Chat X - Logging Out Problems


Hello there. I have been using the Chit Chat X application to chat on yahoo since June. I have noticed a few times in the past that there is no obvious way to log out of the chat function. When I close out of the program, sometimes it takes a little while for my chat name to be logged off of the yahoo chat system. This has not really been too much a problem until the past couple of days. I used Chit Chat X on Thursday night and then closed out of it and as of today, my log on name is still appearing as online on the friends lists that I appear on. I am not sure how to make this stop. I have tried closing everything down and restarting the computer even, but I am still somehow logged into chat. I am not any longer getting any live instant messages from people that are logged into yahoo chat, but I am still appearing online to my friends.

Any suggestions from someone that knows the Chit Chat program better than I?