Hey all,

I work for an office with 7 different printer we share by about 20 macs. Most are under LaserWriter 8. But when I select it, it gives whole bunch of different printers we even don't have.

Now, I know LaserWrite 8 is kind of generic, and every printers we have have their printer description assigned. But we don't even want to see whatever else, and I just can't find the way to do so. I wasn't under printer description, or extension.

Any thoughts and comments are welcome. Thanks!


mac shaman
open your system folder and look in your extensions folder. move any drivers and printer descriptions you don't want to the extensions disabled folder or anywhere else you might want to store them incase you ever need them. now reboot. hopefully they will be gone.

gotta admit, my os 9 skills are getting rusty.;)