Choppy OS X Screen Savers


In Mac OS X 10.0.4 on my iMac 333MHz, 192MB RAM and a 6MB ATI card the OS X screen savers do not flow across the screen. The images should disolve and fade into each other but instead they move in small blocks at a time....very choppy. Anyone know how to correct this? Thanks.


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Quit the other apps you're running could help. Or switch to a lower resolution. Some things jump on my G4, so it's only to be expected on an iMac

Jeff Ulrikson

I'm CERTIAN that the actual, "problem" is the fact that OS X 10.0 - 10.0.4 don't support ATI Rage II/Rage Pro Hardware/OpenGL calls so all rendering is done with Software. Hence the lag time. Hardware, or accellerated, rendering for the ATI Rage Pro (The Graphics card in YOUR machine [333 MHz iMac]) will be available with the 10.1 update. This is detailed in Apple's until recient TILs/ADC and the limitation is noted in Mac OS X's online documentation. Only machines with the ATI Rage 128 or NEWER are currently (10.0-10.04) supported.

Quitting apps or reinstalling OS X will accomplish NOTHING for you.

Simply wait for September. The "current" builds (5D15 - 5G2[X/5/6]) floating around on Hotline/Carracho do NOT contain the updated drivers, so don't bother. In any case, it's illegal to distribute them.

Yes, I'm ADC. Ask no further questions...


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Yeah, on my G3 266 with the supped-up onboard video (ati/6megs), The screensavers are pretty bad. I leave em off - it makes os x look bad.

Anyway, my rage orion card (16megs) works *much* better. I don't know how well its supported/accelorated, but it runs screensavers incredably better. Remember, I think the macosx screensavers are open gl, so even the picture/slideshow screensavers are cpu-intensive.

And using both my frame buffers at once is cool, but they tend to slow eachother down sometimes.

So is a GeForce 2mx going to be accelorated in 10.1?