Cinema Display Power Problem



We purchased a 23" Cinema Display(The new silver displays) November of 2004, but I started noticing a power problem this spring.

We have the monitor plugged ininto a power strip. When the G5 is shut down normally, the next boot up will power on the monitor just fine, but if the monitor is unplugged from the powerstrip or the powerstrip's power switch is flipped off while the monitor is on, the monitor will not respond once its plugged back in. I touch the power button, but the power light doesn't come on and no picture. I usually have to wait 15-20 minutes to plug it back in and then the power button will work.

Same thing happens if the monitor is plugged directly into the wall outlet. We have tried several power strips and wall outlets and the problem can be recreated everytime when the monitor is unplugged before powering off.

I sent it into Apple once and they replaced the LCD, but its still having this power issue. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.