Cinema Display w/ OS X


For anyone who has used a Cinema Display w/ OS X:

Is the Cinema Display considerably better than the 17" Flat Panel for doing regular everyday work?

I saw one at CompUSA the other day running OS X and it looked amazing, but I am trying to determine if it justifies the $2500 price tag.

I have never really had a chance to use one for an extended period of time to determine if it is worthwhile. I do know that the screen is beautiful and a work of art, but so is the 17" version.

I use the computer for the occasional photoshop, but mainly for research and writing purposes. The extra screen real estate sure is appealing....I like the idea of writing a paper on one side while reading research on the other side.

So, is it worthwhile even if you are not a graphics professional?

Also, does anyone watch DVDs on the display instead of on their TV? Is it incredible or too small?