cisco darwin tiger wireless help!!



can someone help me and let me know how can i use the cisco darwin thing for wireless lan network in a tiger os laptop?

here s the thing, i m new in mac, i just bought a g4 but i cant use tiger, i need to use panther if i want to use the university LAN because they use this cisco darwin application that they say it hasnt been upgraded to tiger os. although i have found a lot of info of people using tiger in a cisco darwin Lan network.

so do u know what should i do to get the cisco darwin to work with tiger os? it really only runs with panther?

thanks! guys and i am sorry i m a newbie with mac!! but i m now in love with it!

Found this on our Support site, don't know if it will help;

Question - Cisco Vpn And Tiger

Cisco has released two versions that work with Tiger. The first version crashed too often (especially with file server connections). The second version is not horrible. Contact your Cisco person - they can get it from Cisco support site with a secured log in.

I work for Cisco, and this issue has been resolved. As Todd recommended, contact your Channel Account Manager.
thanks! but yeah that s kind of complicated way because in my university, they wont move a thing if i asked them to call cisco or visit that website u gave me, so i need to configure it out myself if i can find a "cisco darwin for tiger" that works like panther in their LAN.
i m still waiting for a cisco darwin that works with tiger...cmon someone, please help me...3 months 2 weeks waiting to connect to the LAN at my university....