Jim McCullough

Our school district uses Citrix to allow our primarily Mac based clients run centralized apps. I have run across a problem as I have been transitioning MacOS 9 clients to MacOS X clients.

We have to use Internet Explorer because Safari enables the Citrix client through Java, and it is a tad slow doing it that way. The problem with the Internet Explorer is that the Helper Applications with Explorer are not recogniziing the Citrix app thus load the Citrix Client. I have an awkward work around of telliing users to save the Launch.ica file then double clicking it. How do I set up the Helper Application to automatically load the Citrix Client as it should?

It's been awhile since i was running this setup. I do recall that Citrix via Mac can be run a number of different ways.... and sadly i also recall their been little "nuances" with each of them.

So if i gather what you are telling me, you have a webpage (citrix server) setup up with each of the published applications. Using Safari causes the Java citrix client to run, so you've chosen Mac Internet Explorer to trigger the Mac Citrix Client, but IE doesn't call the citrix app properly.

Ok, i did run across this, i ended up tackling the problem a bit differently at the time. I tried to look for a solution to fixing Safari instead and came across the workaround on the Citrix website here

The good news is one change will fix everyone's mac. The bad news is Citrix considers this a workaround/hack and don't support it, as well as, you need access to the webserver.

Note: I only used this setup for a short time and ended up going java afterall because of the nice advantage that it had seamless windows and it only used 1 connection, whereas at the time the Mac client reads a seperate connection for each application. This was about a year ago...

Hope this helps.