Clarus the Dogcow


I am waiting patiently for my copy of the PB... Can anyone tell me if Clarus the Dogcow made it to OS X?


I think it's waiting in stockyards until October (when the developer stuff gets out)...
I hope it doesn't go 0xDEADF00D :)


DogCattle and even references to DogCattle are getting rare these days. I am glad to see someone else who remembers. How many iMac owners do not even know what a DogCow is? It's sad...

In honor of that most famous DogCow, Clarus, let's all give a great big MOOF! (the call of the DogCow)

(I have yet to see Clarus make an appeaance in OS X PB)




I wouldn't worry. DogCow is almost a trademark of Apple DTS (Developer's Technical Support), so I am sure you'll see Clarus as soon as the dev tools are out :) They usually put him in every bigger sample app!



Yes, I saw Clarus (In Name only) while in a File Open Dialog Box in Classic, It referenced my Macintosh HD as "Clarus"

Moof moof, narf.

Anybody else see this?


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Can I ask a simple question?

Why did you reactivate a thread that's been 1 year dead? The original poster was dealing with the public beta of OS X! All of us know that we're currently at OS X 10.1, right?

I'm just wondering, because I also someone reactivated a one-month old (and clearly off the new post page) thread arguing about OS X and WinXP.

Are you guys like going through the archives or something?

(I'm just wondering... seems a little weird to reply to.)

Oh, and by the way, Clarus the DogCow IS in OS X's LaserWriter PPDs, and it has been in the Classic MacOS for years... people just don't know what it is.