Classic, 8.6, and external HDs, oh my!


I've got an external usb hard drive that is coming in the mail tomorrow morning. I'm using it to back up all of my important files, and then i'm making two partitions on my internal HD. one i will install os8.6 (i don't have 9), and the other i will leave for X. If i don't use the classic mode of X do you think this will work? Does anyone know if X will recognize my external hard drive so i can play mp3s from it and save files on it?

thanks for any help

That should work just fine, although as you probably know, you wont be able to use the clasic environment
Please be aware that you do need OS 9.04 before you install OS X.

Check Apple's site for requirements.

Good luck.

I know its in the requirements. I've read all of the PDF documents that apple put out, and every time they mention OS9, they just say that if you want to run classic mode, you need it. So, i'll just keep a partition with 8.6 for my old programs, and another for OSX. Hopefully by the time the final version comes out, most apps will be carbonized so I don't have to worry about buying 9 before 10.

you will never have to buy OS 9 (even when OS X Final comes out) to use OS X. You will only have to purchase and install OS 9 if you want to run any "Classic" applications. If you don't want to run any classic applications thats fine, however I think it is extreamly unrealistic to think you are not going to want to run ANY classic applications. I guess you'll just have to reboot into OS 8.6 to run any non-carbon/non-cocoa apps. Which IMHO, is a big pain in the butt and is worth the cost of OS 9.

at my university they have 9 for only $52, but i just spent enough money on OSX and an external HD to back up my mp3s. I think i'd spend any more money on the optical mouse before 9.

although, i do use Macromedia Fireworks, and I haven't heard any info on a carbonized version yet.