Classic and OS X performance (Calm down, not what you think ;)


I have a question: Does anybody know if there are benchmarks running OS X with Classic running and without it running?

I tend to shut down classic down as soon as I don't need it, but the wait till it is up again is I realized that there is this "put classic to sleep after x min" preference. If I set this to 2 minutes, will the system run as classic is not launched once it is not used for 2 minutes?
It's a memory thing. the classic task should, when asleep, use no processor time and be totally idle, just 'be there' when an app is calling for it. it should also be swapped out totally, so no real memory should be used. i'll run a few tests.
When running it in the background (with a classic app open), it still uses around 20% of CPU performance. While for example 'Mail' uses 0% of it in the background. But this is *not* with Classic asleep, for there's still an app opened in it. Although it's not used at the moment.

Processes: 46 total, 2 running, 44 sleeping... 154 threads 09:52:43
Load Avg: 1.34, 0.92, 0.76 CPU usage: 55.5% user, 24.1% sys, 20.4% idl
SharedLibs: num = 121, resident = 22.0M code, 752K data, 4.38M LinkEdit
MemRegions: num = 5475, resident = 189M + 6.22M private, 126M shared
PhysMem: 44.8M wired, 307M active, 154M inactive, 506M used, 6.31M free
VM: 2.84G + 53.5M 63835(1) pageins, 54220(0) pageouts

5156 TruBlueEnv 19.6% 2:10:12 18 184 343 82.0M 28.9M 107M 1.06G
4095 Mail 0.0% 5:25.35 9 168 219 8.62M 12.1M 14.2M 82.5M
331 MagicMenu 0.0% 4:58.75 4 106 122 680K 6.28M 1.02M 97.6M
As soon as I quit the last classic app, the CPU usage of TruBlu Environment (Classic) goes down to around 5%, which is okay. Let's see what it does over time. :)
Some Classic apps will consume close to 100% CPU when running as their main event loops are call GetNextEvent too frequently. This is how an app can take over your CPU when it is poorly programmed. However, when another X app needs CPU time, it will preempt the classic app and get the attention it needs.
Just open a modal dialog in a classic app and watch what happens in Top or CPU monitor. I find that simply closing the last classic app and let it go to sleep works fine for me. With no classic apps running, TrueBlueEnv runs at 0.0% on my cube.