Classic Applications Not Launching!


My Classic has been screwy all night! I don't know what to do. Yesterday when Eudora opened it thought that keys were being pressed down, and I had to unplug the keyboard to get it to stop. Now, Eudora won't open at all and none of my other Classic applications will either. Has anyone else had this problem? I've messed with the extensions manager, and started with extensions off, but nothing works short of restarting with OS9 as my startup system folder.

(update: Here's what happens, more specifically. Applications will launch and show the splash screen, like on Netscape or Eudora, and then immediately quit. Also, I've had problems where Classic will get about 98% started and then sit there until I force-quit. It's very frustrating.)

I know its a bit of a cliche but try reinstalling 9.1, sounds like something got corrupted. Although if you can boot into in it may be OK. Maybe OSX is picky?

also, if you're using classic for eudora, i recommend the beta eudora for OSX. its quite nice, and it is a carbon app, so no classic env needed.
Well, I've since had even more problems with Classic. I can restart under 9.1, but now even that won't let me open any applications. It freezes when I try to even open up a folder--very very strange. I assume my system got corrupted, but how do I reinstall 9.1 with OSX on the same partition? Will all my OSX stuff be unaffected, or will I have to reinstall <i>that</i> after I reinstall 9.1?

I got the 10.0.1 patch, but that doesn't seem to help matters. I don't mean to be pessimistic here, but I can't really help it. All my normal applications are Classic, and it's frustrating not being able to use them. Thanks for the Eudora tip, BTW. I'll check that one out.

Can you try booting from the 9.1 CD and running DiskFirstAid to see if there is filesystem corruption? That sounds seriously thrashed.

You should be able to do a clean install of 9.1 on the same disk, even with OS X already there, no problem. Note that your Previous System Folder may still appear in the Startup Disk preference panel as being available, so make sure you don't ever select it by accident (or throw out its Finder and/or System briefcase so it no longer appears as a valid system folder).

I had the same problems and got a nice workaround from Apparently, classic freezes at the end of startup or while working withit after having booted fine, when there are to TCP/IP settings.

The culprit seems to be open transport, but at the moment everything is very, very uncertain about it.

Nevertheless, there are two possible work arounds. One: Reboot into 9.1 (not classic mode from X). Open the TCP/IP control panel and set it corresponding to OS X's settings - you need a static IP Address. Then lock and save.

This could work, but didn't in my case. So second: Remove the files "shared library manager" and "shared library manager PPC" from you 9.1 extensions folder. Now you will be able to boot into classic without freezes. (Of course you won´t have to restart OS X)