classic apps not responding to some events


I had the beta, i installed the final. interaction between classic and os x were great, but i had problems loading omniweb and omnigroup's only advice was to do a clean install. it wasn't going to take me too long to do it, and i kinda wanted to clean out my os 9 to make it fast again. so i reformatted, installed 9.1, installed x final. Everything was working as expected. Then i opened a word document, classic booted, word opened, the document opened in word. then i decided i wanted another word document open, i double clicked on that document in finder, word came to the foreground, but the document didn't open. I tried this in other apps and the problem seems to be across the board. I know this wasn't happening before i reformatted too. I had read an email to macintouch where someone was experiencing this problem. I thought they were smoking crack because it was working fine for me. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this here? If so did you do a clean install of everything or what? I'm curious if it is a problem with the final release, or maybe having installed 9 and not really using it prior to using it as the classic environment in os x. right now i'm just trying to get an idea of where the problem is before i start looking for a way to fix it.