Classic Apps only working half the time

about every other time I go to use my computer I try to open a Classic app such as AIM or ircle and their initial loading windows show up, but after they dissappear the program shuts down. After this they refuse to open, but then I come back and try a little later and they work again....anyone know how to make a Classic app work all the time? thi kinda ticks me off when I need to do work in Classic and I end up having to boot back to OS 9....
I'm surptised they even came up with something that worked. ;)
Well, i had a lot of problems as well and this is how i solved them.
I have a lot of space and partitions and that's a requirement for this solution.
I installed a clean and small version of OS 9 with only the essentials on a third partition. I then went trough my original System Folder and copied all necesarry extensions, controlpanels and preferences. I now have a real fast and stable OS9 which does all i use.
And i can still go back to my original system.

Three partitions? I am thinking about switching my system around partition wise, I have ~11 GB PB 500 and wonder what is recommended. I understand speed improves with two partitions (OS 9 and OS X PB), since I also have the problem of Classic apps that randomly decide whether they will open or not, I am more interested if that solves.

Also not working well at all in this way is the opening of say a MS Word document that was an attachement to an Outlook Express Message.

So please tell, best partition scheme for speed and better chance of Classic apps behaving?
I do not know what would be best...I do not have partitions I just have two separate HDs one 10 gig with my OS X +OS 9 on it and I have OS 9 to swtich back to on my 60gig