Classic awareness


Well, I got my copy FedExed to me today. I promptly installed it over my PB, realized that was dumb, erased my OS X partition, installed 9.1 off the CD which came with X, installed X, and here we are. Countless hours later, I think I've finally got it all set up just the way I want it.

Not that any of that has to do with anything, I just had to gloat. Anywho, one thing I've noticed about Classic is that it runs in the background now. There is no Classic 'application' for you to switch to. Start it up, the Classic icon pops up in the Dock, and then goes away when it's done. The main thing about this that annoys me is that there's now no way to tell whether Classic is running or not. I often forget. I mean, yeah, I can go into Process Viewer and have a looksee there, but that's a rather tedious way just to find out if I'm running a program or not. Any coders out there? See if you can write a script or a prog or somethin' (don't ask me, I don't know) to check and see if Classic is running. It could even be something in the Dock, when clicked opens Classic, and displays whether Classic is running or not.
It was a little odd for me at first, but isn't the point of the thing that it be as seamless as possible? when you open a classic app it will just work; either it'll load classic first or not.

for me, it's just one less thing to have in the dock so i'm happy :)
Yeah, you're right. One less thing in the dock, seamless integration, all that good stuff. It's just that I like to keep track of what's going on in my system. And if I'm going to boot a Classic app, I like to know whether or not Classic is gonna have to start up, 'cause if it does have to start up and I'm in the middle of something... oh well, though.
As you can tell, I don't have my retail OS X 10.0 yet...

So if there is no more OS 9 in the Dock, then how do you quit it or restart it?


Is it a "last one out turn off the lights" type of thing? Does quiting the last Classic application quit Classic or simply leave it running... unecessarily using resources?

Just curious...
From what I've heard, Classic now uses very few system resource when it's idle. I'll be able to confirm this in T minus two days. If you're going to do something very intensive, than their's probably of host of other thing's you're going to want to kill (SSH, ftp to begin with) which will require an opening of the Processes app anyway.
if you wish to restart or quit os 9, you go to the System Preferences (either through the Dock or through the Apple Menu), select Mac OS 9 and there are buttons there to accomplish that.

If you're in a panic, you can Force Quit it, but 9 will consider itself improperly shut down. using the buttons in the SP will allow you to save your work before it terminates.
Apple should have something for classic where it saves the classic state for quick start up (like in Virtual PC). That would be very nice :). Too bad apple isn't accepting anymore requests.... :(
It never went offline - the page was always there, they just took the link away after the beta period. I'm glad it's back, and apparently permanent now.
Well well well... going back to the original topic of this discussion, I seem to have discovered a cure. Although I'm not sure what adverse affects it might have.
Whilst digging around in the /System/Library/CoreServices folder, I found Classic Startup. Of course, I knew it was there all along, but I decided to go ahead and open up its package and take a look inside. What I found was TruBlueEnvironment. Those of you with the PB will remember that with the PB, Classic came in two flavors: Classic and TruBlueEnvironment. Nowadays, Classic is just TruBlue. Annnd... by my thinking, if TruBlue is running, Classic is running. So I decided to test it out. I opened the application TruBlueEnvironment, and after a good long wait, it finished opening. I can now open all of my Classic apps, and they SEEM to be working fine. Like I said before, I'm not sure what kind of terrible, no good, very bad kind of effects this might have on the system.
It doesn't bring up the Classic Environment startup screen or anything, you just sit there staring at a blinking triangle in the dock for a while.
Anywho, if this works with no bad effects, then this solves my problem: Just pop TruBlue in the dock, and there ya go!