Classic enhancements (request for feedback)


As most folks already know, there are some classic Mac OS features that are missing such as the Apple Menu, the application menu, control strip, spring loaded folders, popup folders, etc.

Some developers are already working on replacements such as: (which brings back the Apple Menu and process menu to the menu bar and for me, was a must have util for DP4). (an open source version of control strip).

Someone I know is considering work on a simple disk tray which for all intensive purposes, is like the dock but serves a simple purpose to automatically place ones local drive volumes, network volumes, removal media, printers and relocation of the trash into a tray that slides in/out from the usual right-side of the screen or also be left open to replicate todays disk on desktop for folks who prefer. Transparency/color of the tray/dock can be set by the user as well as its location (left or right side of the screen). Is this something that would be of interest to OS X users?
What i am wondering is that shouldnt Mac osx perform faster on my G3 than OS 9 considering that it has no 68k code at all and is totally compatable with my PPC Risc processor without any translation? Why is it gonna be slower? is it quartz that does this??
Mac OS X Public Beta contains a lot of debugging code. While this allows Apple the opportunity to easily figure out what is going wrong when something goes wrong with the OS, it does slow things down significantly. Until this stage, Apple has focussed on functionality. In the coming months, they will be stripping the debugging code and will be optimizing the system. Expect a much leaner and peppier system when OS X final ships in the Spring.
QT is kind of slow -- Sorenson decoding is bad (slow). Stuff under classic runs cca. 13% slower (my benchmarks).

Async device drivers for CD and HDD are awesome: the stuff from CD is loading and you get to click on menus and move windows..crazy.. SCSI people are going to be happy.
Network stuff is really fast too.

Quartz(PDF) and plain graphics rendering is around 35% faster, too.
After using OS X PB, the thing that I miss the most is the Windowshade. Minimizing to the dock just doesn't work for me. I often windowshade the my browser windows to see the different sites that I'm loading.

Anyone know of a windowshade replacement?
There is definitely support for windowshade on the UK side of the Atlantic! I like being able to minimise, but I miss the quick peek at what's behind a window that windowshade offers you. Any developer that can get this working flawlessly gets my shareware fee (I'd pay up to $20 US). Wasn't windowshade 3rd party before anyway?

As an alternative, turning the window contents transparent would do the same job for me, but plain old windowshade would be fine. I wouldn't want to lose minimise in any way though.

Please support OpenStrip in anyway you can, the control strip is so neat.

Let apple have feedback and tell them we want spring loaded folders back, and that the foreground app in the dock should be shaded or highlighted. They are doable and simple features, and there is a good chance apple will respond. Please tell them if you agree that they are useful features.


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