Classic Environment


Ok just a little bit frustrated here. Two separate Macs, same exact problem. What am I doing wrong? Here are the specifics..

1st Mac:
Beige G3/266 20gig hdd, 192 megs RAM.

2nd Mac
Firewire Powerbook 500Mhz 128Megs RAM and 10gig hdd.

Booting from my OS9 CD, I partitioned both drives into tow each partition using exactly half of the drive. The first partition is HFS+ and the second is OS X UFS. I install OS 9.04 and OS X and their respective partition without any problem.

While in OS X, I launch the System Disk utility and that launches the classic environment. After even rebuilding several both machines seceral times (using the above method) I have *never* been able to get the classic environment to work. As soon as it reaches the desktop (in classic) the classic environment window disappears without any error messages or anything. It's simply gone. I reboot the Mac, relaunch classic, and the same thing occurs every time.

What am I doing wrong?? This is so irritating and as a result I HATE the classic environment.
install don't need to have seperate partitions, you can boot to either system if you put both 9.1 and X on an hfs+ drive
Ahh... I was under the impression that it was supposed to do that? Classic launches, and as soon as it's done, it's windows go away. It runs in the background now, there is no 'Classic' application that runs anymore. Can you launch your Classic apps, though? Or have you just not tried because you thought it wouldn't work?