Classic has never worked right


I am familiar with OS 9, extensions, etc., and now, with OS 10.3.9, if I install anything which runs only on Classic, it either freezes, shuts down, or displays garbled screens. Been to Apple, and all over the web, and have no idea what's going on. F/A-18 Hornet game gave me four screens across the top and froze; older games like Panzer General, even after switching to 256 colors in OS 10 first, just do nothing-no freeze, Classic doesn't quit, but the game quits, it just sits there and ignores me. Did "get info", gave it extra RAM, and everything I know how to do from when Macs were Macs, but only one thing has ever run right-a downloaded version of Damage Incorporated, and it ran like a Volkswagen on barbiturates. Anybody know what's up?
Also, if it has to do with needing the CD in the machine to run the program, can I make a disk image like the old days, and run it from that?

eMac, 1.25GHz G4, 512 MB RAM
'Classic' under any form of MacOS X is NOT the same as rebooting to and running System 9.2.2.

Sadly, your eMac may not permit booting to System 9.2.2, instead of MacOS X.

Also, just because you can install 'Extensions', 'Control Panel Files', and other 'System Folder' related software into their related folders - does not mean that 'Classic' will load them at all or work properly with them.

Consider doing the following:

01. Back up everything on your boot [startup] hard drive.
02. Install MacOS X 10.3.0.
03. Install MacOS X 10.3.4 Combo Update.
04. Install your software, etc.

MacOS X 10.3.4 is one of the most stable and fastest releases of MacOS X. Some even consider(ed) it the true 'MacOS X 10.0'.

While many have had success with the 10.3.5 through 10.3.9 updates - each update produced enough problems to neccessitate Apple to produce a newer update. Since MacOS X 10.4 was released, Apple has no incentive or concern to maintain / repair Panther.

Yes, the MacOS of today although with some nice features here and there, including all the 'iCandy' - is still dwarfed by the speed, productivity, and true user friendly interface of System 9.2.2 and earlier Apple System releases. Sadly, time goes on and the Macintosh platforms' future is MacOS X - regardless of whether or not Apple can fix the mess(es) introduced by its continuing betaware OS.

Maybe, just maybe - by the time Microsoft releases 'Longhorne' Apple also will release a true and fully functional version of MacOS X.
Thanks, barhar. I found out something else interesting. According to this particular eMac's display will not even support any version prior to 10.3. Weird, huh? Anyway, I think I'll dump OS 9 and stick with software made for this Unix machine.

Live and learn.
Die and forget.