Classic, inside and out... NEED HELP!


Okay, Classic seems determined to just kick me all over the place... Sometimes three different problems...
1.) mentioned prior on this site, Classic will sometimes just spontaneously quit on startup

2.) I'll get the dreaded bomb error message when Classic starts up.

3.) Turning Extensions didn't help much either, I wanna say I got a different bomb error message when it started up...

I need to use OS 9 and the programs on it!!
Well a lot of third party ruble is interfering with OSX. I don;t know how much HD space you have, but this is what i did.

5Gb. My original OS9 and Classic apps.
2Gb Fresh installed OS9, with only the extensions i realy need. Use this as my Classic system and run Classic apps from the other disk with this system
rest: OSX

Make sure you have the same setup in your new OS9 as you have made in OSX.