Classic isn't loading up on 10.1

The Munk

I just put 10.1 on last night, and for some reason I can't get classic to load up all the way. The little blue status bar moves nicely up until it's right near the end. Then it just stops. I have no idea why. It doesn't say anything, the computer has no complaints. It just decides not to move...why the heck is this happening and how can I fix it.
I have the same problem, ATM lite in your classic system extension folder is most likely the cause. I created a minimal extension set for it to use with OS 10.1, Although I must say it just made it 50%.
Here's the rest of my reply, slipped and posted before I was done,

The only consistant way I've been able to keep Classic running is
rebuild the desktop (command-option) while it's starting up.
This seems an odd way, but it has worked every time.

10.1 also removes the Classic icon from the dock after it's started.
The way I check and see if it took is to go to the Force Quit window and see if it's there. If it is, you're golden.

Hope this helps,