Classic killed my Outlook!


Bring mich zum Licht!
I just wanted to get some info out of an old mail and started Outlook in Classic for that.

First, it gave me instead of my startsound a very annoying noise.
None of my mails showed up.
I pressed Apple-Q to quit it, and I got an error message like "not enough memory to complete action". Yeah, great.
Then I tried to force quit it, it just did not quit!
Finally, I get it force quitted.

Then I thought, okay, I boot in 9 and try it there.
But then my Outlook did not start at all! It just quits with error 199

I looked in my info and looked at the memory panel for OE.
There, it said for minimum 436kB, for Max n.a. and suggested n.a.

Then I took a new Binary out of a new install of OE (the OE Application), and put it in my OE folder to have all my mails.
It starts up, and I can look at most of my mails.

But there are some folders that I just cannot open, it gives me the message "not enough memory", even if I give 120MB to Outlook, there as before, it happily lived with something like 30MB

I never got such problems in the public beta, X annoys me more and more...